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–In this time of a shift in public health at large, YAASPA desires to honor the dignity and humanity of our students. Rather than perpetuate the status quo, we see this as an opportunity to move closer toward an actualization of how to change the way education looks, feels, and sounds with a student-centered approach. We are framing our work through the lens of Red Pedagogy. We are choosing to push on"inconsistencies between the world as it is and as it should be" (Alfred 1999, 132).

-Below are some ways we are working in solidarity with community: 

Collaborative healing sessions in partnership with aurora naacp

Attend our bimonthly collaborative healing sessions for youth.

RSVP here:

Support Black vendors 

We have been in collaboration with Black vendors to support our Centering Community Wellness and Resilience program. Learn more about them below: 

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