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PEACE Collective
Power, Equity, Accountability, Collectivism, Education


As a public collective, we believe in centering racial equity and the voice of community in all that we do! Community led and mission driven work will help us provide access to quality education for ALL communities that will radically transform what learning looks like in Colorado. We believe that education and access to opportunity is essential in building and sharing power with the People, thus we provide education/experiential opportunities to communities based on their needs/interests. 


Mission & Vision 

  • Vision: To create a coalition that is exclusive to leaders of color, serves as a hub for their leadership in Colorado, and also provides a central place for community to gain access to relevant education and social and civic engagement opportunities.


  • The world we want: Thriving children and communities of Color operating as equal parts within the network of mutuality


  • Mission: Create a coalition of leaders of color who leverage their social and political power to provide access to education opportunity and create social and political change with community leadership.




  • Power

  • Racial Equity

  • Accountability

  • Collectivism

  • High Quality Education

About the PEACE Collective

We believe that this work should be led by and reflective of the communities that we serve. Our lived experiences are absolutely essential in creating policies and systems that work properly for those who have been traditionally marginalized and historically disenfranchised. We want to center their lived experience as the most important credential in the room as we deconstruct the systems that are rooted in white supremacy and were designed to leave some of us out. 

We need a public coalition that works to create policies and systems that center the lived experiences of our community and support other leaders of color within the education ecosystem. 


As we continue to grow our network we would love the opportunity to expand our capacity with like minded BIPOC leaders like you to help advocate for our students and families. We will be hosting a reconvening meeting to share the results and recommendations of the Student Equity and Quality Research report led by BIPOC researchers. The Student Equity and Quality Research report was conducted with the intention to lift the missing voices of students and families as it relates to access to quality schools within DPS, additionally the report will guide action planning for the PEACE collective next steps and will support to provide decision making data within DPS administration, education stakeholders and inform community driven change. 


By joining the PEACE Collective you will be able to maximize advocacy capacity and push for systems that will support underrepresented students and families. 

For more information please contact Tracie Trinidad at


Community Views on Quality and Education

New Research Sheds Light on How Denver Public Schools’ Families and Community View Quality and Equity in Education


A year-long community research initiative led through the PEACE Collective reveals that Brown, Black, and Indigenous students and their families in DPS care deeply about quality and equity in public education, and envision a school district that offers equal access to everything that they need to thrive.


The report makes ten recommendations, including ensuring consistency across and within DPS schools for equitable, quality rigorous education, and improving parent/family communication, support, and opportunities for learning and growth. We hope it guides the strategic vision for the district towards a future where every child in Denver has access to an education that enables them to pursue the path of their choice. Click on one of the links below to read the Executive Summary.


Executive Summary - Community Views on Quality and Equity in Education

English Version      Spanish Version

Full Report - Community Views on Quality and Equity in Education

English Version      Spanish Version 

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