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Social Sciences and Policy Institute: Growing Bonds

Author: Jordan Stewart

The institute was a way for the youth to help engage each other in different political viewpoints and ways of thinking or taking on that subject. Walking into it, I expected it to just hit me with knowledge as soon as I entered the room, but after sitting in that room with almost 20 or more other students. I realized that it wasn’t just for the knowledge and putting my name out there to be the perfect college like student. I was filled with other kids who had the same overall aspiration and common goals. We pictured the world without all the haters and all the negative things we seen in the world. That way of thinking brought everyone closer, growing bonds and actually becoming best friends with the people there gave me faith that I can change or make differences through my political engagement and I’m not alone. The institute was a way from other youth to step out of their comfort zones and see the world in a different manner. I know I can’t speak for everyone but from the way I seen things, I know every student walked away from that institute with a better mindset and more ways to help fix what they think is a problem that we face as a community. As for the speakers, we did have very engaging speakers who also guided our knew way of thinking and encouraged us to fight. Fight for what we believe in, fight to make a change. None of the speakers we had left us blindsided to a situation nor did they leave us to fight without the most powerful weapons we needed, each other and our brains. I really did enjoy every speaker that we encountered especially when talking about culture appropriation and other aspects of racism that I didn’t know we experienced. As a person of color(s) I really do hope to spread the word of things that I learned hoping to engage the rest of youth my age. This institute provided everyone with the resources they needed to complete any project or even start one.

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