Civic Engagement in Community and Career course:

This course provides youth in middle school or high school the opportunity to explore academic and career development in the social sciences. Within this experience youth are cultivated to:

​-Increase academic and career self-efficacy

-Increase self-awareness of racial identity development

-Increase civic literacy

-Increase civic engagement 

If you are interested in this course or a version of it being offered at your school or for your organization, contact us!

Scholarship Fairs:

Our scholarship fairs provide an opportunity for students and families to navigate scholarship opportunities to prepare for their post-secondary journeys!

The next fair will be held in the fall of 2016 in Aurora. 

We are thankful to the many partners who have supported this fair for many years!

YAASPA's Engaged to Climb Youth Advisory Council (YECYAC):

With our new partnership with Climb Higher Colorado, YAASPA has elevated youth to this youth council. These youth explore and research their school community concerning standards and assessments. They also think of innovative ways to share the experiences and knowledge concerning assessments and standards. They are elevating their intellectual abilities and deepening their engagement.

Social Sciences and Policy Institutes:

This year's Institute will be TWO weeks long due to youth demands. This summer experience is for students who are 8th graders entering high school in the fall and students who just completed their first year of college. This fun filled experience offers students an opportunity to come together from varying school districts to deepen their knowledge, self-efficacy, and experiences to help them navigate social science degrees and policy.

This year's Social Sciences and Policy Institute will be hosted at Colorado Early College-Aurora June 19th-June 30th 9:30am to 2:30pm. Breakfast, lunch, and transportation assistance will be provided.

If you are a student interested in attending this year's Institute or a community partner interested in facilitating a workshop, contact Janiece Mackey at:

Community College of Aurora Foundation: Aurora Gives-YAASPA Scholars:

This year, 2016, marks the start of our inaugural cohort of students entering Community College of Aurora with a 2 year scholarship as they pursue their social science majors.

This opportunity for YAASPA is possible due to the Aurora Gives Community College of Aurora Foundation.

If you are interested in supporting these scholars, or this program click here: ​